Sunday, January 3, 2016

Medical Education Transitions

I have been noticeably absent from the online space over the past few months.  However, I think I have a valid reason for this.  I am excited to announce a major professional transition.  I have been given an incredible opportunity, and am excited to begin a new chapter in my career.

Beginning January 4, 2016, I will begin as the Education Editor for the NEJM Group within the Massachusetts Medical Society, which oversees the New England Journal of Medicine and other educational offerings such as Knowledge+.  This position will allow me to learn from and work with an amazing group of folks in medical publishing, and provide exposure to new opportunities for learning in healthcare.  I will work with the adaptive personalized learning product, Knowledge+, and will learn from the other journal deputy editors associated with the Review Articles within the Journal.  NEJM Group already is well established with the Journal itself, Journal Watch, Knowledge+, CareerCenter, and a new product launched in December 2015 called NEJM Catalyst that focuses on healthcare delivery.  Clinically, I will care for patients and continue to teach residents through the Med-Peds Residency at Brigham & Women’s/Children’s Hospital of Boston affiliated with Harvard Medical School, after getting settled.

This means leaving my academic home, the Indiana University School of Medicine, to begin this full-time position with NEJM Group.  I have learned so much from the incredible people there; I will miss my mentors, colleagues and friends who have taught me so much.  I will miss the CME team, who has helped me better understand how physicians and other health care providers learn.  Of course, the residency program with which I have been associated since 2002, and prior to that as a resident trainee, will always be a part of what I do.  As much as I will miss it, I leave knowing that the program is in good hands and thriving, with amazing residents and faculty!

I am excited to begin this new journey; the folks at NEJM Group have been so welcoming to me.  I will pick up my Twitter and blogging presence, and look forward to sharing my experiences with my medical education friends, colleagues, learners and mentors!


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