Thursday, June 25, 2015

Demonstration of "Tweeting the Meeting"

I had the privilege of writing a paper recently with Dr. Janine Zee-Cheng on Live Tweeting in Medicine: 'Tweeting the Meeting', which came out a few months ago (and allows free open access to all articles through the end of June, 2015).  In it, we highlighted the importance of lifelong learning through the use of Twitter at conferences.  I also encourage a quick read of this other great piece giving suggestions on how to live tweet in conferences.

Dr. Zee-Cheng, a pediatric critical care physician from my institution, is giving a presentation on a social media-related project she did as part of her fellowship, at a conference currently going on this week in Chicago.  The hashtag is #smaccUS (to reflect social media and critical care).  I highly encourage those who are reading this blog now to check out the tweets from this conference.  The discussions, on a variety of topics, are truly epic, and range from general content in the management of critically ill patients, to the emotional side of medicine, to introspective reflection about one’s practice, to frank humor.

While I am not at the conference (we are orienting new incoming interns to begin their clinical duties), I have learned so much from reading tweets from participants.  I encourage all interested in this topic, and literally, medicine in general, to check out the #smaccUS hashtag—you will not regret it!

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