Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tweeting the (Medical) Meeting

I am currently in the airport on the last leg of a brief trip to present to the Institute of Medicine about using emerging technology in medical education. I am very pleased that the IOM has agreed to use a second screen to showcase a live Twitter feed during the meeting.  I have used this “second screen” option for several presentations over the past few years; it is done as an attempt to demonstrate live the content that is being highlighted: an opportunity for communication and discussion within medical education in a unique format.
I have written about this in the past.  However, this piece from a few days ago cautioned folks who do tweet the meetings.  Dr. Bryan Vartabedian wrote this phenomenal piece on “tweeting the meeting” earlier today.  I concur 100% with his eloquent, succinct statements that really get into “what it is all about” at such meetings.

I hope the demonstration tomorrow goes well.  If interested, please follow the hashtag highlighting this meeting: #IOMgenomics.  My part is “Innovative Models of Education: Using Technology Appropriately in Medical Education” and starts around 9:45 am EST on 8/18/14.  As always, feel free to follow the #meded chat as well.

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