Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vacation and Getting Time Away

I realize that it has been a while since my last post.  Work has certainly been very busy with many projects and deadlines.  However, currently, I just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic.  This is such a beautiful country, and my family and I had  a wonderful time in this paradise.  We enjoyed some quality family time, and I really only looked at email and work-related activities a few times while there.  It was actually a challenge to be “unplugged” from the world of medical education and technology.  However, I do believe that it was good to do this, and to be away from work.  I certainly know that it is healthy to do so.  Years ago, there was no option to do anything but, but nowadays, with wireless access, people can be connected 24/7, including on vacation.  I promised myself that I would try hard to check email only a few times during the vacation, and was true to my word. 
I planned for an international connection via a wireless hotspot, but apparently it did not work.   There was wireless access at our resort, but not in the actual unit where we stayed.  It was an eye-opening experience to not have it, not just for work-related things, but for social media and for keeping up on the news.  I now realize how I get my information, in “bite-size chunks” via Twitter and other social media channels such as Zite.
I felt a stronger connection to my family this past week.  My oldest daughter learned how to dive, and is getting quite good at it.  My youngest can swim without having to watch her like a hawk. Sit down meals have been great!  Earlier this week, at the beach, we met a delightful couple from New York, and had some stimulating adult conversation.
So my question for all is this: when you go on vacation, do you “unplug”, or do you continue to stay connected to work through email and other methods?  What do you enjoy doing when you do get away, and how hard is it to come back to your real world after an extended period away (for example, for one week)?
I hope that you make sure to find time for yourself to have a vacation, as it is healthy to take time off for oneself to recharge.  I certainly did so this past week!

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  1. I know what you mean to be unplugged! I had the hardest time with just attempting to be unplugged for my two weeks vacation this summer. Even though I was only at our vacation rentals in Clearwater, it was still just difficult.